This package will focus on a field based study, appraising a mapping of all BIM training and Educational Programmes on offer in Ireland, together with a validation of the findings from Work Package 1.


  2A) Half day industry consultation workshops


Half day consultation workshops with 8-10 industry companies (2 in total) will be undertaken in order to identify fully the companies’ up-skilling requirements to adopt BIM. The companies invited to attend these workshops will be carefully chosen from owners, designers, constructors and building operators/managers who are active in Irish and international markets. 


     2B) Systematic review of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) BIM programmes


This work package will undertake a systematic review of third level BIM programmes and BIM training currently on offer in Ireland. The consultation programme will provide an opportunity to meet 3rd Level Institutions who are active in the delivery of BIM programmes to test the findings of Work Package 1. The consultation programme will include but not be exclusive to 1-1 meetings at the convenience and location of the 3rd Level Institution.


2C) Consultation with a selection of public sector authorities


This package will represent a period of consultation with a selection of public sector authorities that are active in the delivery of AEC projects. This will enable an investigation of current awareness, adoption and future plans for use of BIM.


2D: Capture deliberations and particular concerns from Working groups

A number of working groups have been established in response to the growing awareness of BIM whose and their deliberations and particular concerns will be captured.  These working groups include the BIM Academic Group, BIM contracts and Procurement Group and BIM Client Group and BIM Quality and Standard Group.