Research Objectives

CITA intend to deliver the BICP in strict adherence to the four (4) work packages. The work packages are framed within an overall research strategy, the objective of which, is the collation of applicable BIM data, founded on focused research and consultation with industry and
academia in the Irish AEC Sector.

The overarching research objectives chosen for the BICP include:

  1. Collating applicable BIM data, founded on an explicit research programme that will help feed into an overall BIM development plan for the Irish AEC sector.
  2. Carry out a structured programme of consultation with industry and 3rd Level Institutes to test the findings concluded from Work Package
  3. Identify appropriate comprehensive best practice case studies detailing effective use of BIM.
  4. Carry out an in-depth analysis of the data and implement a strategy for the dissemination of findings through a formally structured events programme.
  5. Delivery a working paper to Enterprise Ireland and an appointed BIM Implementation Steering Committee on an optimum strategy for the implementation of BIM in Ireland.

The BICP Tender submission can be viewed below