Irelands BIM Macro Maturity Model


The BICP team have utilised the Macro Maturity Components model developed by Dr. Bilal Succar and Dr. Mohamad Kassem who have generated five conceptual models covering different aspects of BIM adoption across countries. These models can be used for:
1.    Assessing a country’s current BIM adoption policy;
2.    Comparing the BIM maturity of different countries; and
3.    Developing a national BIM adoption policy.

A selection of individuals were chosen because of their expertise and interest in BIM, and in particular, their insights as to the level of BIM Adoption and Maturity in Ireland at present. The results of the survey are discussed in the following summary:


Further details on the work being performed by Dr. Bilal Succar and Dr. Mohamad Kassem can be accessed through the following publications.

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