Higher Education Institutes (HEI) BIM Programmes


The HEI Study aims to undertake a systematic review of third level BIM programmes and BIM training currently on offer in Ireland.

Click on the interactive map below to view current courses offered by Institutes of Technologies throughout Ireland. 

Please use your mouse wheel to zoom in on the selected county to see all available courses.

Irish BIM Study (Table 8) (2) (002).jpg

Consultations have taken place with a number of 3rd Level Institutions who are active in the delivery of BIM programmes.  A brief summary of the HEI consultations are provided below and can be viewed by clicking on the associated image. A number of HEI packs providing details of the BIM courses available from the individual HEIshave also been drafted by the  BICP Team. To access these packs please click on the provided links. Further HEI packs will be uploaded overt the next month.

To view the DIT HEI Pack please CLICK HERE         To view the UCD HEI Pack please CLICK HERE

To view the WIT HEI Pack CLICK HERE                       To view the GMIT HEI Pack CLICK HERE

To view the ITS HEI Pack CLICK HERE                          To view the LIT HEI Pack CLICK HERE

                                                          To view the CIT HEI Pack CLICK HERE